pricing tools

Create pricing rules to reflect supply and demand trends.  Maximize your sell-through in the slow times and revenue during the busy season.

Rules can be based on day, time or date.



Apply special priority and rules to unlimited customizable groups of space users.

organize setup

As space is booked, setup needs and instructions are updated in a checklist format.


We hype our site, facility listings and space for rent in a variety of ways.


Create optional add-ons such as equipment, setup, permits, lessons and more.


Grant access to coworkers and management to keep everyone on the same page.

one-click cancel

With a click or tap of a button you can cancel and refund all rentals for a single day.


Search for and book multiple reservations in one transaction.


Customizable calendars update in real time and keep everyone informed and aligned.


Optional liability and accident insurance is bundled with qualifying rentals.

ONLINE booking

The entire process of finding, booking and paying for a rental is done online on a computer or smart phone.


Create customizable reports to track usage, customers and more.

facility listingS

Easily share and promote information about your facility or park.  

mobile friendly

Everything you need is a few taps away.


Let your coaches find and book their own practice times.

threaded messages

Track booking communications without bogging down your inbox.


Renters can use search filters to find exactly what they need and reduce call and email questions.

no duplicates

Our breakthrough inventory system helps prevent double bookings.

pricing tools

Increase revenue by adjusting your pricing for slow or busy times of the year.

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