earn more.

 do good.

Spotz helps churches safely and securely capitalize on unused space.

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increase revenue

Renting your gyms, fields and meeting rooms brings in revenue that helps fund your mission of service. Leave the marketing to us, we can increase your visibility and fill the times you have available.

safe & secure

Insurance can be bundled with paid rentals and all your terms must be agreed to before requesting a booking. Create unlimited groups to grant priority, discounts and more to frequent renter groups.

save time

All of your facility information is online, reducing calls and emails. Threaded messaging and information sharing allows everyone on your staff to know the status of all of your reservation activity.



You specify the dates, times and for which groups you have space available. Staff and community members easily can find the right space at the right time.



Your stakeholder easily requests a booking. Insurance can be bundled with paid rentals. Next you approve the rental and communication, cancellation and setup can all be managed through the platform.



Game on! Let’s spend more time playing and less time planning. Reporting tools allow you to analyze usage and export for accounting systems.


how it works