College Aquatics Tackle Scheduling

August 2, 2016

As technology is continuously advancing, campuses are trying their best to stay organized to keep up with growing demands. 

According to a recent article on the website of Campus Rec Mag the University of Iowa and Rice Universites are constantly dealing with the challenges of scheduling.


Of Iowa’s two aquatic facilities on campus, the 50-yard pool in the Field House and the three pools at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, balancing all the swim teams and recreation schedules is no easy task.  


“Sometimes these needs are in conflict,” explained Phil Julson, the associate director for aquatics at the University of Iowa. “For example, pool temperature, pool configurations, which pools are available to which groups when and the amount of space available for each user group.”


When programs like these upgrade to GymDandy they can better organize their scheduling, preventing the chance a coach double-books a pool and keeps the facility schedules in order. Transparent calendars, available for every staff member (if desired), ensure everyone is in sync.  

Meanwhile, at Rice, the recreation department is handling scheduling in a similar fashion by using a color-coded excel document, detailing times and programming when the Recreation Center and Aquatic Center are being utilized. These documents are then displayed across campus to let students and staff be aware of the activities. 

With a variety of programs occurring daily throughout the Rice University campus, there has become a growing emphasis on communication. Keeping the aquatics program organized is a major challenge and communication is key to successful management.

“Communicate often with your coworkers to ensure everyone is on the same page about what is happening in the facility and when,” said Susanna Leonard, the assistant director of aquatic programs at Rice. “Weekly meetings and prompt email response is essential. Build strong relationships with the user groups at your facility and also the regular members. This will help avoid upset coaching and potential grumpy lap swimmers when last minute changes occur.”

Communication across your staff, especially on a college campus, can be a burden. The threaded message feature from GymDandy is a great and easy way for you and your team to all be on the same page. Messages sent and received are visible for everyone on your staff, leaving no confusion between employees and facility programming. 

Choosing the right software for your facility is essential to your success. Outdated methods such as pen and paper or Microsoft Excel work just fine, but also limit what you can do and potentially create more work for you and others in your organization. Contact GymDandy to transition your organization into the 21st century through software is a great way to stay organized and better manage your facilities. 




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