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May 4, 2017


What sport is among the fastest growing in the country, great for all ages, and could increase retention among members in your club members? It’s Pickleball, and it’s sweeping (or should we say rallying) the nation!


Perhaps you may have already noticed the popularity of pickleball as a new form of recreation within your community.   The sport combines components of tennis, ping-pong and badminton making it a fun, quick to learn, skill developing game that is great for all ages.  Pickleball can be played in a singles or doubles configuration, the only equipment needed is a paddle, plastic ball, and net.  “Flex courts” are commonly set up on existing tennis courts with temporarily lines and nets, two pickleball courts can be set up on one standard tennis court.   


An article from showcased the popularity of pickleball courts at Toscana Country Club in Indian Wells, California.  At the request of his members, Nigel O’Rourke the Clubs Tennis and Pickleball Director, decided to give flex pickleball courts a try.  They offer a great alternative for members who are now more prone in to injury in their older age yet seeking physical recreational activity,  a chance to get back out on the court. This is particularly common among retired tennis players.


When the Club launched the first introductory class it was expected that maybe 25 people would be interested, but O’Rourke was astonished when more than 80 people came out to play.  Now the club has plans to build permanent pickleball courts to meet the increase of popularity.  


Pickleball has low setup costs, can increase member participation, and is inclusive to players of all ages and abilities.  It could be well worth the effort to bring pickleball to your club as an additional activity your members can enjoy.  


If your club experiences record turnout like at Toscana Country Club, no need to worry. GymDandy offers breakthrough facility management and scheduling tools to coordinate leagues tournaments, games, and practices.  Saving you time and stress, so sit back and enjoy the game!




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