An Old Pastime Sport Begins its Comeback

August 14, 2017

Over the past quarter-century over 30 handball courts have been demolished in the northeast, yet one group in Massachusetts is trying to bring the sport back to the community. A story on highlighted William and Nancy Ortiz, who are working on finishing a brand new handball court in Leicester.


The Ortiz’s are members of the New England Handballers Association and have set out to provide affordable recreation opportunities for those who may not otherwise have access.


"All of the New England cities and towns and beyond need affordable and self-run recreational activities," said Mrs. Ortiz, a Worcester social studies teacher. "Handball being our passion and specialty provides us an opportunity to give back to any community, promote our sport, and make it popular and accessible for young and old."


Handball is a very cheap and accessible sport, yet the number of handball courts across New England are dwindling. The sport requires only two to four people and a ball that costs $1. The Ortiz’s hope that by building a new handball court, low-income youth in the community can have a competitive sport to learn and play.


The entire handball court cost $1,500 to build, an inexpensive amount when it comes to athletic space, with all of the labor being donated by the New England Handballers Association. Building a handball court is not an simple task, but finding space to build the court can be a bit easier by renovating half-court basketball areas.


While the Ortiz’s are busy kickstarting the handball community in Massachusetts, there are over 2,000 handball courts in New York City and finding a place to play has never been easier, with GymDandy. Simply search for a court, book an available time, and begin playing! Get out and learn a new sport today with the help of GymDandy




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