Millennials Flock towards Boutique Fitness Studios

September 5, 2017

Within the ever-changing fitness industry, large fitness centers rule, but the rapid emergence of boutique studios has already begun to disrupt the status quo. Boutique fitness studios, that is, smaller personalized studios specializing in a single activity such as boxing, cycling and yoga, are filling up with young people across the country. Athletic Business took a look these boutique studios and how they are drawing interest from millennials.


A major reason why millennials, as well as countless others, are leaving their big-box fitness centers for smaller boutique studios is commitment. Larger gyms and fitness centers often require members to sign lengthy and costly contracts with little to no flexibility. Boutique studios offer a variety of classes at all times of the day, so members can exercise on their time, and pay on a class-by-class basis. Additionally, with smaller class sizes, boutique studios can offer a sense of community and small-group atmosphere that are hard to find at larger facilities. Although some classes and studios may be a bit costly, many members find that it is well worth the price tag.


"Sure, it's expensive," said 22-year-old Grid Vongpiansuka, member of Kwan’s Barbell Brigade, "but in an environment like this, people are encouraging you, so it becomes you investing in the best you can be."


As more independently owned boutiques are being opened across the country, big-box fitness clubs are adjusting to the ever-changing landscape. Owners of large, multi-purpose athletic clubs are responding to the influx of boutiques in their own ways by offering more small group fitness options and some are even building their own boutique studios.


When the studios are not actively being used for classes, gym owners can list their space on GymDandy’s marketplace. Renters can then find available time and rent the gym for personal or group use. GymDandy allows gym owners to get the most out of their facility, helping them earn additional revenue and promote their gym all in one place.



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