Enriching Community Health Through Exercise

November 1, 2017

As we grow older in age, receiving adequate exercise becomes increasingly important. Amongst older adults, it may take a small push from a doctor to kick start physical activity. The National Recreation and Park Association recently published a study to gauge fitness levels amongst adults and how they utilize their local parks. The results determined that many Americans look locally to receive their exercise.


From the study conducted on behalf of the NRPA, 3 in 5 Americans say that they would take up walking or jogging in local parks if advised to do so by a doctor or medical professional. Many parks have paved running or bike paths that can be utilized at anytime for brisk or high intensity exercise, it is just a matter of going out and getting the necessary exercise. Parks provide an endless array of health benefits at little to no cost and are often found all/scattered across communities.


The survey also found that younger adults are more likely to utilize a local gym or community recreation center for their exercise. For adults seeking additional exercise, finding places to play tennis, pickleball, volleyball or other sports is simple.

GymDandy works with Park and Recreation departments across the country, helping make their athletic space more accessible to the general public through online rentals. Easily search and book athletic space ranging from tennis courts to hockey rinks. It should not require a doctor to tell adults that they need to be more physically active when athletic space and opportunities are all around. No doctor's note needed, get out and utilize your community’s parks and athletic opportunities!




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