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7 Winter Activities To Try This Year

Ashley Hansen February 16, 2021


We all know that this past year has not been normal, and this is not a normal winter either. While we can usually escape the cold weather by going to a movie, going bowling, playing indoor basketball, or doing any other indoor activity, lots of places aren’t allowing those activities right now. Instead, millions of people are sitting at home bored this winter. Instead of watching another movie or TV show, try some of the activities listed below to get yourself, and your kids out of the house, and out of your comfort zone!

1. Ice Skating

Going ice skating at a local outdoor rink is a great way to get outside in a safe way. Lace-up your skates and enjoy some hot chocolate when you are done! Check for rinks available in your area on Spotz, if you would like a private session on an ice rink.

2. Cross-Country Skiing

Many public hiking or biking trails turn into cross country skiing trails in the winter. Check if there are any local trails in your area, and get outdoors!

3. Snow Shoeing

Just like cross country skiing, lots of hiking trails can be used for snowshoeing in the winter. Strap some snowshoes onto your boots and explore the nature around you!

4. Sledding

Kids love sledding down big long hills, and they even get some exercise when they walk back up! Bundle up and head out the door to the nearest sledding hill near you. If you don’t feel like you can be socially distant at a local sledding hill, you can make a sled path in your own yard!

5. Snowman Building

Is the snow in your yard easy to pack? That’s perfect snowman snow! Make a fun snowman in your yard, and dress him up with hats and colorful scarves. Don’t forget to add a carrot nose! Making a snowman is a perfect winter activity, that is totally free. Try making a whole snow family!

6. Painting the Snow

Paint the snow! Give the white blanket in your yard some color with snow paint. Simply mix cold water and food coloring into a squeeze or spray bottle, and make fabulous art! Drawing designs in the snow will spark your kid’s imagination, and liven up your yard.

7. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing requires more gear than the activities listed above but is still a great option. Before ice fishing on a local lake, pond, or river, make sure to check the ice conditions in your area and get a fishing license. Brush up on your ice fishing knowledge, and head out. Frying up the fish you catch with your family will create a memory your kids will hold forever.

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