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Easily Book Community Space For Your Next Event

From corporate events to family reunions, Spotz makes it easy for you to find and book your perfect space.

Spotz makes it easy to space for your next event. |

Ready to Book a Space for Your Next Event?

Spotz makes it easy.

1. Build

Easily build a renter profile as you would on any social platform.

3. Book

Choose the space that fits your needs.

2. Search

Search by city, facility type, or available dates.

4. Play

Enjoy your community space.

Save Time When Finding Your Ideal Community Space.

Don’t waste time searching tons of websites and playing phone tag with a venue manager. Instead, just search Spotz. 

You’ll find athletic fields, beaches, city parks, pool lanes, executive board rooms, conference rooms, and so much more — all without the hassle! 

That means:

  • Easy in-app reservations and host communication
  • Simple electronic payment
  • No waiting in lines to be the first one to request your date
  • No phone calls to track down availability or other details
  • A single account for every new city or suburb 

"With hundreds of thousands of park users each year, our new online reservation system provided by Spotz allows us to reach more users and provide a modern and effortless experience."

Host: Chris P.

"Spotz streamlines the process it takes to schedule space, and allows facilities to monetize their assets and make sure their space is used."

Renter: Barry F.
Coach, Network Director

"6 out of 7 adults visited a park, trail, open space, or recreation facility at least once during the past year. We must continue to help agencies and communities improve access to recreational facilities and open spaces."

Host: NRPA, National Recreation & Park Association

"Before Spotz, we had to stand in line on January 2nd every year because the best venues were on a first come first serve basis annually and you had to book in person. Now we can go online, see availability, and book anytime."

Renter: Cheryl D.

"Spotz empowered our customers to manage and control their rental experience. My team can grant first right-of-refusal to specific groups and then open up those spaces to the general public with minimal effort."

Host: Mark C.
Parks Manager/Athletic Scheduler

"I manage and schedule all the USTA tennis matches in the area. I used to email back and forth with the various tennis court hosts to lay out our schedule. Now I can get the entire season scheduled on Spotz in minutes."

Renter: Kim R.
Business Owner, USTA Volunteer

"Spotz helped us streamline our process to be more efficient, effective, and productive."

Host: Jodi S.
Administrative Assistant, City of Superior

"Spotz helped us free up time and resources that can be redirected at improving other systems, parks, spaces, and experiences."

Host: Mark C.
Parks Manager/Athletic Scheduler

"Coaches like being able to reserve fields as soon as they want to. Now they can even throw in a last minute practice."

Host: Jodi S.
Administrative Assistant, City of Superior

Ready to Book Your Perfect Space?

From corporate events to family reunions, Spotz makes it easy for you to search, find, and book a space that works for you. Find available spaces in your community now!