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Modernizing The Community Rental Experience

Make it easy for your community to practice, play, and get back to business.

Your community spaces are the heart of community engagement. |

Enable your community spaces to be the heart of community engagement.

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How Spotz Works

If your event space or facility is a pain to book, it won't get used.

Make the process of renting and scheduling your space headache and hassle-free with Spotz.

How Spotz Works |

"With hundreds of thousands of park users each year, our new online reservation system provided by Spotz allows us to reach more users and provide a modern and effortless experience."

Host: Chris P.

"Spotz streamlines the process it takes to schedule space, and allows facilities to monetize their assets and make sure their space is used."

Renter: Barry F.
Coach, Network Director

"6 out of 7 adults visited a park, trail, open space, or recreation facility at least once during the past year. We must continue to help agencies and communities improve access to recreational facilities and open spaces."

Host: NRPA, National Recreation & Park Association

"Before Spotz, we had to stand in line on January 2nd every year because the best venues were on a first come first serve basis annually and you had to book in person. Now we can go online, see availability, and book anytime."

Renter: Cheryl D.

"Spotz empowered our customers to manage and control their rental experience. My team can grant first right-of-refusal to specific groups and then open up those spaces to the general public with minimal effort."

Host: Mark C.
Parks Manager/Athletic Scheduler

"I manage and schedule all the USTA tennis matches in the area. I used to email back and forth with the various tennis court hosts to lay out our schedule. Now I can get the entire season scheduled on Spotz in minutes."

Renter: Kim R.
Business Owner, USTA Volunteer

"Spotz helped us streamline our process to be more efficient, effective, and productive."

Host: Jodi S.
Administrative Assistant, City of Superior

"Spotz helped us free up time and resources that can be redirected at improving other systems, parks, spaces, and experiences."

Host: Mark C.
Parks Manager/Athletic Scheduler

"Coaches like being able to reserve fields as soon as they want to. Now they can even throw in a last minute practice."

Host: Jodi S.
Administrative Assistant, City of Superior

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