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Side Hustle Secrets: How to Rent Your House by the Hour and Earn Big

Spotz December 1, 2023


Unlock your front door, and welcome to your hidden goldmine. 

Ever thought about the value that's sitting in your unused living space as you clock into another 9-to-5 shift at the office? Renting your house by the hour is the lucrative side hustle you might have overlooked. 

Welcome to the world of short-term rentals. Like the way a humble cup of coffee can paint a smile on a tired face, your cozy abode could triple your income by hosting workshops, photo shoots or small events when you’re away.

Let’s explore this untapped wealth generator hiding in plain sight.


Unveiling the Potential of Hourly Home Rental 


  • Decrypting the hourly home rental trend,
  • Profiling the market demand for such properties,
  • Estimating potential earnings from this side hustle.

What is Hourly Home Rental?

Hourly home rental is an emerging trend in the real estate market. Unlike traditional renting, where a tenant commits to a long-term rent (typically a few months to years) hourly home rental offers the flexibility to rent a house for a few hours. This strategy enhances rental income and promotes effective use of available space.

The foundation of the hourly rental concept lies in its ability to tailor property availability to client needs. Whether it's for a photoshoot, a mobile office, or just a quiet retreat for a few hours, hourly home rentals can serve multiple purposes. You control when, how long, and for what reason someone can rent your property.

The Market Demand: Who Needs Hourly Rentals?

The demand for per-hour homes is growing in the current market, spanning multiple sectors. Think: people desiring a tranquil office space, businesses hunting locations for photo shoots or workshops, travellers needing a quick pit stop, or locals planning private parties.

For professionals craving a change of scenery or businesses needing bespoke locations, hourly home rentals can offer space that's conducive to creativity and productivity. For travelers, it provides the comfort of home, even if only for a few hours. Your home could even provide a space for Influencers to create their viral video content.

The Profitability: How Much Can You Earn?

Unlike long-term rentals where the rates are predominantly fixed, hourly rentals can command higher rates during peak demand seasons. Your potential earnings essentially hinge on your property's attractiveness, location, and convenience offered. 

Online platforms dedicated to this scope are joining the game, allowing homeowners to estimate their potential earnings based on factors like house size, location, and amenities available. So, it isn't hard anymore to forecast your property's profitability. Apps like Airbnb’s Rate Advice or Wheelhouse’s dynamic pricing algorithms offer useful benchmarks tailored to different peer property types.

Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing Rental Income


  • Uncover the process of preparing your house for hourly rental.
  • Learn the art of pricing your property correctly for maximum profitability.
  • Discover the secrets of effective marketing strategies to attract bookings.
  • Understand the importance of managing bookings and turnovers efficiently.

Step 1: Prepare Your Home for Hourly Rental

Ignore what your mom said in middle school -- looks really are everything when it comes to the short-term rental market.

People are more likely to pay a premium for a spotless, well-maintained, clutter-free space.

It goes beyond just cleaning and decor—stock those essentials. Comfortable furniture, stable internet connection, and functional kitchen appliances are great selling points.  

Think about safety as well. Installing smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can give your potential guests peace of mind. Also, ensure that any personal, sensitive, or expensive items are stored securely away from the rental area.

Step 2: Set the Right Price

One of the most appealing perks of hosting on Spotz is the ability to earn extra cash simply by sharing space that would otherwise sit vacant. Determining competitive pricing helps you maximize this income potential while attracting quality renters.

Comparing rates within your neighborhood is a good starting point, but remember, your home is unique and shouldn't automatically be priced the same as every other offering. Consider the amenities you provide, the size and design of your space, and any unique selling points such as an impressive view, professional decor, or historic value.

Watch for peak demand periods such as holidays or local events—you could raise your pricing during these times. The goal is to find a sweet spot that strikes a balance between attractiveness to potential guests and profitability for you.

When deciding hourly or day rates, first research industry averages in your local area for comparable spaces to identify the going market range. Factors like venue size, amenities offered, uniqueness, seasonal demand shifts, and typical guest uses will also impact appropriate figures. 

If testing the waters, you may opt to undercut competitors slightly, then increase incrementally later. On the flip side, an ultra-premium, one-of-a-kind space can likely command above-average pricing and still book out consistently. Strike the ideal rate for both covering costs and keeping a full calendar.

Spotz’ automated tools allow you to set base prices, then configure special discounts, surcharges, minimum stays, security deposits and cleaning fees to maximize your profits. Even better, the platform takes care of collecting payments from your guests.

Step 3: Market Your Space

To get bookings, people need to know about your offering. Effective marketing can make your space stand out in a sea of options. Quality photographs are a must – invest in a professional shoot if you can. Always highlight unique selling points in your listing description, and use compelling language that paints a picture of the experience guests can expect.

Leverage social media platforms and targeted local ads to boost visibility. Don't forget to ask for reviews from your guests after their stay. Positive feedback can serve as social proof and entice new guests.

Step 4: Manage Bookings and Turnover

Streamline the booking process to enhance guests' experience and minimize possible hitches. Don't overbook your space—juggling schedules can lead to negative guest experiences. For the turnover process, consider hiring a cleaning service to ensure consistent cleanliness standards.

(With Spotz, you can add a “cleaning buffer” between reservations.)

The process may seem daunting, but with each step carried out diligently, the result is a smooth and profitable operation of renting your house by the hour.

Exploring Other Opportunities in Event Space Rental


  • Changing the game by leasing out distinct venues
  • Crafting meaningful alliances with local enterprises
  • The rising trend of temporary events setting new standards

Beyond Homes: Renting Out Unique Spaces

The hourly rental business isn't confined to residential properties. If you're lucky enough to own an extraordinary space like a historic mill, a cozy art studio, or a panoramic rooftop lounge, you've struck gold. Such distinctive spaces are high in demand for one-of-a-kind events like corporate workshops, small-scale concerts, art exhibitions, or product launches. Offering such a unique setting ups your rental game and can command a higher price.

Ensure your space is event-ready. From tech amenities to cleanliness, every detail matters in the eyes of renters. The ambience you provide should resonate with the message the event intends to convey. Interestingly, an offbeat venue combined with the right event can make quite an impression on attendees. Hello, repeated bookings and word-of-mouth publicity!

Collaborating with Local Businesses: Creating Win-Win Partnerships

It's an open secret that partnering with catering services, decor agencies, or tech rental companies can complete your venue's package, making it much more appealing to prospective renters. Local collabs bring added revenue for you and your partners and provide a seamless, one-stop solution for customers.

Future Trends: The Growing Popularity of Pop-Up Events

Pop-up events are the latest fad on the event scene. These temporary events can be anything from a restaurant to a concert or an art show. They create a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Spaces like empty retail shops, cafes during off hours, community spaces, or even outdoor parks can be transformed into unique pop-up events. 

Pop-up venue owners can cash in on this increased visibility. 

Wrapping Up: Your Side Hustle Journey

Renting out your house by the hour can be a lucrative and flexible side hustle. You can transform your property into a steady cash flow with the right strategy and tools, like Spotz.

Remember, it all starts with understanding your target market, setting the right price, promoting your property effectively, and ensuring a great experience for your renters.  

This rental business could be the financial boost you were seeking. So, are you ready to take the whispers of profit from every vacant corner of your house and convert it into cold hard cash?

Soon you'll be hosting bookings for photoshoots, meetings, dinner parties and more, putting your extra living area to good use.

Turn Unused Space into Cash

Stop letting your valuable square footage go to waste hour after hour and start your hosting side hustle with Spotz today. With our automated tools optimized for your convenience, you can easily turn spare space into a satisfying rental income stream.

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