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4 Ways to Strengthen Community Engagement with Your Space

Spotz August 5, 2021
Learn how renting your space to the community can boost engagement


A sense of community is such an essential part of everyday life. People need to feel connected to each other and their surroundings. Providing public spaces for people to gather will strengthen their sense of belonging and community. 

If you already have a public space, the question becomes, how do I let people know about it and get them to engage with it? In this blog, we’ll highlight some ways to engage the community with your space and make it better for everyone.


1. Lead by example—host a great event!

Create and host community events are your space, and encourage attendees to throw their own parties, practice with their teammates, and connect with their coworkers in your space next time.

Start by hosting a public event at your space such as an art show, concert, yoga class, or anything you can think of! Once your event is happening, make it known that your space can be rented for private events, too. Inviting  people to a memorable experience in your space could inspire them to dream up ways they could use your space. Your venue will stay top-of-mind and a likely contender for their next event.


2. Simplify space scheduling

Nothing ruins the excitement for an event quite like struggling for weeks to find and coordinate a venue. Using Spotz, users can search and book spaces online in a matter of minutes. Spotz allows users to do a filtered search to make sure they’re getting the location, time, date, and amenities that they want at any given space. Learn more about Spotz online space management here.


3. Post your facility on social media.

Social media is the best free marketing tool out there. Everyone and their mothers are using it, are you? Creating a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social account for your facility will allow community members to see photos of your spaces, and hear about upcoming events. Users can also tag your facility and spaces in their content, creating free content for you to amplify your reach to the rest of the community. 

If you aren’t already on social media, join immediately and start connecting with the people around you. Check out this infographic for tips on marketing your space without breaking the bank.


3. Improve accessibility for everyone.

All types of people will want to use your spaces, so make sure that they easily can. Double-check that your handicapped parking and restrooms are actually accessible. Make sure you can easily accommodate people of all abilities to do things such as sit comfortably for a meal. Look for (and remove!) hazards that would make it hard for someone with limited mobility to get around in your space. Consider your space from several perspectives to ensure everyone feels included. 

Boosting the use of your spaces starts with your efforts. Get your name out there, host your own events, and get online. And make sure that all members of your community can utilize your facilities. Following these few steps will help your engagement soar and grow your revenue.


SPO_LP_How to Market Your Community Space without Breaking the Bank-01-4Help Renters Find Your Space

Download our infographic for more ideas to connect with your community.

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