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Spotz Partners with Grand Park Sports Campus

Spotz August 3, 2021
Madison-based Spotz partners with Grand Park Sports Campus; Spotz will be part of newly launched Research Hub


Madison, Wis.: Spotz, a fast-growing subscription-based software company that helps hosts manage and promote multiple reservable spaces, today announced a new partnership with the City of Westfield, Indiana’s Grand Park Sport Complex. This partnership will help Grand Park create a more seamless experience for those looking to book event space. Spotz will be able to showcase its software to many of the 2.5 millions visitors to Grand Park’s campus annually. Together, Spotz and Grand Park will collaborate to fine tune the most important features to enhance the overall host management and booking experience within Spotz.

With Grand Park having over 400 acres of indoor and outdoor spaces, working together will benefit all. “Grand Park is the largest sports complex of its kind in the country,” said Westfield Mayor Andy Cook. “There is no better place for ideas, technologies and research opportunities around sport to be originated, vetted and eventually launched into the marketplace.”


“Spotz allows us to think out of the box and work with a company that has the skill and knowledge to help us solve some of our current-day challenges. By creating a more user-friendly event booking process we expect to book more events, resulting in more space and hours booked at our venue. This will result in more visitors to the community which will positively impact the local businesses.”

- William Knox, Grand Park Director


The Research & Development HUB will work with innovators within the sports industry who are looking to develop new technologies, challenge the status quo, or quantify theories by capitalizing on the campus’ cultural landscape and dense influx of patrons.


“We are thrilled to partner with Grand Park and be part of their Research Hub. The mission at Spotz is to help create better awareness and accessibility to the spaces that bring us joy. The Grand Park Sports Campus is filled with amazing spaces and opportunities for people to use —and our goal is to make that as easy as possible to reserve and manage online. This partnership allows us to work alongside a great host in Grand Park and those diverse groups of people enjoying their facilities to further enhance our software with the features that matter most.”

-James Jackson, Spotz Founder and CEO


The benefits of this new partnership include.

  • Developing best-in-class host features that are aligned with end user needs
  • Greater accessibility for end users to find and book the spaces they want
  • Higher usage rates of facilities driving direct economic impact

The facilities at Grand Park will start using Spotz for public booking by later this summer.


About Spotz: Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Spotz offers a software-as-a-service platform that helps hosts manage and promote multiple reservable facilities and spaces so their facilities can be used to their maximum potential. Spotz is a best-in-breed subscription platform that manages all elements of the backend operations for organizations with spaces to rent. For small facility hosts who do not need the robust backend management subscription, Spotz offers a self-service marketplace where a service fee is collected upon rental.


About Westfield and Grand Park: Westfield is located just north of Indianapolis, Indiana. It is home to almost 40,000 people and the Grand Park Sports Campus. Grand Park is a 400+ acre sports complex, with 31 outdoor fields, 26 baseball diamonds, the 370,000 sq. ft. Grand Park Events Center, the 88,000 sq. ft. Pacers Athletic Center for basketball and volleyball and the Pro-X Athlete Development Center. The campus boasts more than 2.5 million visits a year and has spurred more than $1 billion of economic development in Westfield since its inception.

Westfield is located within one day’s drive of more than half of the United States population and within 40 minutes of the award-winning Indianapolis International Airport.


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