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Top 5 Uses for Community Spaces

Ashley Hansen May 5, 2021
Top 5 Uses for Community Spaces |


A community space is a place where local people can gather and connect. It is a place where people can learn new things, and share common interests. Cities all across the world have community spaces that aren’t being used to their maximum potential. In this blog post, we will share a few of the ways that community spaces can be used.


1. Birthday Parties

One major benefit of hosting a birthday party at a community space, such as a park shelter, is that setup and clean-up are usually included! You’ll most likely have to bring your own decorations, but tables and chairs will likely be set up and taken down for you. 


2. Business Meetings

Some communities have community buildings that have board rooms available for rent. Many times, these board rooms will be cheaper to rent than ones at private venues. Just like birthday parties above, set up and clean up of board rooms are typically included when space is booked. 


3. Clubs

Clubs are a great way to meet new people who share similar interests as you! Community buildings are great places to host garden clubs, book clubs, photography clubs, and more. Spotz allows for recurring bookings, so you could set up the next couple of months of meetings at one time. 


4. Sports Practices

If you are a coach or athlete for a local sports team, community spaces are the best places to practice. Whether it be a park baseball field or an indoor room that could be used as a dance space, using a community space will likely be cheaper than using a private facility. It will also strengthen your relationship with the community, and allow you to spread the word about your team. 


5. Corporate Events

Companies host events all the time such as large training sessions, informational talks, and company picnics. Hosting these events at community spaces versus traditional venues such as hotels would save companies money, and create a positive relationship with the community. 


There are a ton more ways to use community spaces than what we have listed in this blog. If you want to see your community on Spotz, talk to us today to learn more.