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Using Facility Scheduling Software to Attract More Renters

Spotz May 31, 2022
Using Facility Scheduling Software to Attract More Renters | Spotz


As an event space manager, can you imagine the following on a daily basis?

  • Delighted customers streaming in throughout the day
  • Happy, efficient staff
  • Tidy paper trails
  • Steadily growing revenues

And then there’s the peace you could feel knowing your facility’s spaces are finally getting the use they deserve…. 

Sigh. Where is this fantasy realm? 

(Psst. Here’s some good news. It’s a world that’s possible right here, right now, with the right facility scheduling software.)

You see, there are so many ways that collaborating with a robust platform can get you on track to where you want to be. 

The trick is you have to know how to use it to your advantage. 

Let’s look at how to use your facility scheduling software to get results. 


1. Get Customer Service right – despite staffing shortages.

The first step in getting modern customer service right is choosing the right software for your space rental business. 

And the best software in the event reservation space will have plenty of automation built-in.  

Why is this important? 

When you automate tasks and cut down on busywork, your staff is free to focus fully on on-site customer needs.

Here are some features to look for:


One-click actions.

With one-click actions, your team can approve or deny rentals with the click of a button. Confirmations and details are automatically sent to the teams renting your spaces, saving your staff serious time.   

Similarly, one-click notifications make your staff members’ lives easy in case of cancellation or changing reservations. Imagine the basketball court gets flooded. Oh no! Click a button and that day’s basketball practice is canceled, with immediate notification sent out to everyone involved.  


FAQs answered right there on your booking profile. 

Having built-in FAQs and explanations of your policies and procedures on your booking profile cuts down on phone calls. Your team no longer has to burn time answering the same questions over and over. 


Automated work orders.

Once a booking’s been received, automated work orders get sent to each staff member. This way they know exactly how and when to prepare for each upcoming event.


All staff messages in one place.

In-app threaded communication helps make sure all messages stay in one central location, so everyone on your staff can work from the same details.

You see, by choosing a platform tailored for event space rental, your team is able to do much more with less. And they’re able to keep their main focus right where it belongs — on ensuring a smooth, in-person customer experience. 


2. Optimize your profile to stand out from the competition.

Now that there’s a surge back to in-person events, competition is back too. You want to broadcast your most unique and compelling features to your community so you can attract your people.

The first thing to do is create a detailed and attractive profile in your facility scheduling software.  

What’s the best way to do this? Think of your ideal target users and write your profile for them. Brainstorm the specific keywords or features your users search for, and then add on any extras to delight them! 

Be sure to include striking pictures that show your community what your space is capable of. 

Also, take advantage of any customization options in your software to show the full range of what your facility can offer. 

Finally, name your spaces with descriptive titles to really paint a picture in the mind of your reader. Instead of “Room 3B,” try “Sunny Room with Small Stage.” 


3. Encourage people to gather with thoughtful planning.

There’s excitement building in the air... People are coming back to their favorite group activities! 

As a facility owner, communicating the thought and care you’re taking post-pandemic can go a long way toward building customer confidence.

One way you can work with your software to do this includes scheduling buffer time between events. Use that time to make sure fresh air circulates and to do any post-pandemic sanitizing protocols. 

Let your customers know about any special care you’re taking between events. For instance, you might mention your new policies and procedures on your profile and in your social media blasts. 

Lastly, contactless payments are another benefit for your customers – and for you. Accept online payment instead of checks, and keep cash-handling worries at a minimum. (And also get paid at the time of booking!) 


4. Use custom space settings to generate extra income.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to new and creative uses for your unused spaces! You can use your software to communicate the infinite possibilities to your community in a variety of ways. 


Make smaller increments available. 

The first way is to create smaller time, space, and price increments. This way you’re increasing the quantity and variety of opportunities customers can access, rather than counting on them to rent the entirety of the space at once. 

A classic example of this from a Spotz host is swimming lane rentals!

Try applying this idea to your facility. What smaller spaces could you rent out for a half-hour or hour at a time?  


Create more rentable space. 

Another trend that’s come to fruition during the pandemic has been innovating outdoor spaces. Dining domes, anyone? Picnic areas?

Conversely, you can take this idea indoors. Are there any unused back rooms in your buildings? Post them online for the community to see and rent! Maybe a visiting dance troupe could use the room in the back of your Rec Center for their practice sessions?  


Repurpose your main spaces.

Finally, consider repurposing your main work or visitor areas into meeting spaces during off-hours. Make sure you post them online for your community to see, with availability included. 

Do this, and you’ll likely see your rental schedule fill up fast. 

In short, giving more options to your community means you’re busier!


5. Use searchable facility scheduling software to get found.

Creating your profile on a cloud-based network with a searchable database is one more way to be found online. So, you want to make sure the software you choose has this important feature.

As your audience searches by their specifications, if yours is the right fit it will pop right up. They don’t have to know about you in advance.

You can also connect your social media to spread the word and inspire your community with new possibilities!  

The best software will match your community’s genuine, real-time needs with your facility’s features and availability. All from the convenience of their laptop or phone.


The bottom line.

Using the right facility scheduling software can boost your event space rental business to new heights and encourage new streams of revenue.

The key is carefully choosing your software. 

Looking for a software that can do all of the above?  

Well, look no further than Spotz, the only community-centered facility rental software with the capacity to get you found online and handle the back end of your business.