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3 Unique Ideas for Ensuring Your Outdoor Spaces Are Always Booked

Spotz June 15, 2021
3 Unique Ideas for Ensuring Your Outdoor Spaces Are Always Booked


Space sitting idle is wasted space. It reduces your potential to drive revenues for your facility, and it could mean missed connections with your community.

So, you have unused space, but why?

First, you just may not be reaching members of the community properly; people may not know they can reserve your space, or they don’t know how easy it can be with the right facility management software.

Second, community members may not realize that they can use your facilities for more than just their original purpose. Why does a soccer field or baseball diamond have to be just for soccer or baseball—and we’re not just talking softball as a stretch.


People Want to Get Together

After a year of limited use and reduced revenues for facilities, demand for getting together in person is exploding. However, if people don’t know about your outdoor space, you may be missing out on that demand.

Reaching your community takes some ingenuity and energy that, without focusing on the medium and the message, is wasted.

  • The Medium: You might have tried social media, radio, and even old-fashioned networking, but still, the space sits empty.
  • The Message: Unfortunately, many organizations are limited by staffing, technology, and just as much, the imagination to book your available spots fully. 

If that’s the case, it’s time to think outside the box! 

Below are 3 unique uses for outdoor spaces you may not have considered (but that your community will be excited for)!

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Corporate Team Building

Community fields are often filled with local sports practice and leagues; however, companies looking to do active, team-building activities with staff can rent that unused soccer field or outdoor space at your facility. As remote teams are brought back to the office, or introduced to each other for the first time, team events will only continue to grow in popularity.

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Meetup Groups

From speed dating to poetry slams to flag football, Meetup groups are always looking for spaces for their online members to get together in person and, you know, actually meet up.

Tip: Facility scheduling software makes it easy for them to book recurring meetups!

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Family and friends gather for many things, from Sweet 16s to graduation ceremonies to weddings. Multi-use outdoor space at your facility can help reduce the expense of traditional halls and provide a unique experience depending on the amenities you offer.

Bonus: Whatever You Can Imagine!

Your outdoor and even indoor spaces can and should be reserved as often as possible. Rent your basketball court to a dance studio looking for practice space. Rent your school auditorium out for band practice or a seminar. Photoshoots, pop-up stores, fitness classes, charity events, photography meetups, and more are all possible uses for your spaces. The only limitations are your imagination, so long as you have a facility management system that can help you do it all.

Want even more ideas? Check out our short blog here.



There are plenty of other uses for your outdoor space, depending on what you have to offer and how creative you can be in marketing it.

Use your marketing channels to target specific groups. For example, promoting your spaces for corporate events to the local chamber of commerce or creating social media posts showing local photographers why your space is the perfect setting for their next photoshoot. 

Beyond marketing, the right facility management software can help not only book your space but find the people and groups that will fill it. Once you’ve shown them how to use the space, show them how easy it is to reserve with your facility management software.