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Are Public Spaces Accessible?

Ashley Hansen March 23, 2021
Are Public Spaces Accessible? |


Photo Source: SF Gate

From public park basketball courts to private conference rooms in the back of a café, spaces
come in all different shapes and sizes. Most importantly, spaces are places for people to:

  • Gather with friends and family
  • Learn new skills
  • Exercise
  • Relax after a long day
  • And more 

Additionally, many parks and public spaces are used as a venue for people to make a living selling art, food, and performing.

These spaces have largely been unavailable to communities in the past year because of the pandemic. Now that we’re emerging from the lockdowns of the past year, people who are isolated and feel more alone than ever are hopeful to get back to a more normal life and live some of it, together, in public spaces.

As communities are eager to reconnect, municipalities and private organizations must consider whether it’s easy for community members to access their spaces for their intended use. “Accessibility” in this case could mean physically being able to access spaces that have been closed for months, or whether they can reserve a dedicated space for its intended use.


Are public spaces accessible?

Unfortunately, even as the world reopens, the answer to that question is still, “No.” Not all public spaces are treated equally. Some communities can’t prioritize improving public spaces because there are more pressing issues that they are dealing with day-to-day, others struggle to manage the renting of those spaces to community members.

This means that thousands of people are still unable to enjoy public spaces or make a living—and municipalities and private organizations are missing out on revenue that could be used to maintain and improve those spaces.

After a year-plus of living digitally, people want to be part of a physical community again. Everyone needs to know the importance of public spaces. Everyone needs to feel like they have a place to go in their community, a place to meet with like-minded people and unwind, and a place to make a living.


Making public spaces accessible to the community

At Spotz, we want all spaces to be accessible to the community, and we want to provide the owners of these spaces with an easier way to manage them. 

To do our part, Spotz allows users to book public spaces for specific amounts of time. This way, when capacity is limited due to outside influences or just back to “normal” busyness, everyone can be sure they have a place to go. 

If you want to learn more about Spotz and how to get your community involved, contact us today.