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5 Ways to Keep Fans Engaged

Ashley Hansen April 20, 2021


If you own a private sports facility that hosts games and tournaments such as a soccer complex, or hockey rink, you know that hosting a large event is only half of the goal. Getting people to come to your event, and stay, is another large part. Having fans at your event not only increases your community connection, but it drives your revenue. 

According to football fans, the 2019 Super Bowl of the Rams vs the Patriots was one of the most boring Super Bowls to watch of all time. However, fans who were at the game will give you a different story. Since the game was at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, there were a lot of new amenities for fans. There were a lot of other things to do besides just watch the game including shopping centers, and food and beverages for sale at every turn so fans didn’t have to walk far. 

Obviously, small-town sports complexes will never have all of the amenities of an NFL stadium, but having even a few of these things will help your venue become the talk of the town, and bring in larger crowds*. 

1. Have High-Speed WIFI Throughout Your Facility

One thing that many people care about is the ability to post on social media in real-time. Being able to take a picture and upload it in seconds is something that most of us don’t even think about until we can’t do it. Bringing WIFI into your facility will be a major plus for all fans and players. 

2. Have Food and Drinks to Serve

One way to keep a crowd is to feed them. Having food options available at your venue will generate revenue for you, and keep people happy. Try to make sure you are serving food in an area where people can still see or hear any games, and don’t have to walk too far.

If your venue doesn’t currently have a place where food can be prepared and served, consider bringing in Food Trucks. Food Trucks will pay a fee to park in your lot, and then do all of the work for you. It’s a win-win situation!

3. Create Standing Areas Where People Can Socialize and Watch

Part of going to sporting events is socializing, so make it easy for people to socialize! Designate a standing area in your facility, so people can move around and talk. If the standing area doesn’t have a clear view of the game, add a couple of TVs so no one misses out. 

4. Make the Game Exciting

Keeping fans engaged in the game will keep them wanting to come back. Try to make sure the game is viewable from all areas of the facility, and add TVs where it is not. If it’s possible, add a live commentator or announcer to your stadium so everyone can stay up to speed on what is happening. This will keep fans excited, and they will pay more attention to the game.

5. Have All Ticket Sales go Virtual

If you are charging admission to your event, do it on an App that allows people to have their tickets on their phone. This saves fans time by not having to call in, or come early to purchase tickets, and it saves you time by not having to sell tickets by hand. 

Like we mentioned before, small-town sports facilities will never match professional sports facilities, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be great! Adding a few of these features will show the community that you care, and will help drive your revenue. Do your best to make events fun for athletes and fans!

*Please continue to follow CDC guidelines involving crowds until it is safe to open again in your state 

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