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Spotz is Different. Here's Why.

Ashley Hansen November 4, 2020


Spotz is a company built for the community, and for community spaces. We are a subscription based software that allows users to publish and manage reservable spaces for their community to search and book! So the big question is, what makes Spotz different? In the latest episode of our podcast, Spotz Light, which is linked below, we sat down with Spotz CEO James Jackson to answer this question. 

In this episode of Spotz Light, we focused on the Parks and Recreation market. According to Margaret Walls, of the Backgrounder, there are about 72,958 parks in America and 14,243 recreational spaces. There is a strong need in this industry to simplify booking and managing spaces.

Focusing on the community, Spotz offers a lot of benefits. First of all, Spotz gives a community-first approach, meaning that all of our efforts go into bettering the community. Second, everything regarding Spotz can be done completely online, eliminating the need for in-person contact during a Covid-19 world. All exchanges of money, paperwork, and communication can be done using Spotz online. 

When a member of a community wants to search and book a space using Spotz, they will be shown a map of the area they want, with all reservable spaces. This eliminates the need to look up each organization or space in an area. Users can search for a space, learn about the space, and book it all through Spotz. 

Organizations benefit from Spotz as well. Spotz can be integrated into an organization and set up within 24 hours. Our software is extremely easy to learn and use, therefore creating a very small adoption window. 

Spotz saves time for both sides, users, and organizations. The Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association (MUFA) uses Spotz to book over 4,500 hours of practice time each year. Before Spotz, scheduling practices and reserving spaces was almost a full-time job. Spotz eliminated their need for spreadsheets, emails, and calls saving them months of work. The Middleton Basketball Club is also using Spotz and saving thousands of dollars in contracts for scheduling. They can now book everything online in one sitting, and communicate with the whole club in one click. 

From doing background research, we found out that having a reliable and easy to use scheduling system is a common issue. This quote, taken from a large parks and recreation department, shows the need for Spotz.

“Using an established reservation system, we faced constant challenges with functionality a management and end-user perspective. Users had limited insight into their reservations and we could not accurately provide detailed, timely updates to those users. Every process was incredibly time-consuming. My team and I would still have to process paper submissions, review voice messages, and roll out blanket statements to und users which was labor intensive, did not allow us to collect crucial operational data, or effectively communicate with team members and und users. “

We are excited to be fixing these issues for so many organizations and are looking forward to shining light on our next industry.