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6 Ways To Make Your Members Feel Safe In Your Private Sports Facility

Ashley Hansen March 30, 2021


Just because certain areas are starting to fully open again, does not mean that everyone is supportive of it. If you own a private sports facility such as a yoga studio or a gym, it is important that all of your customers feel safe and protected so they continue to come and support your business. These six simple tips will ensure that your facility maximizes its revenue while protecting your customers, and making them feel valued. 

1. Use Technology To Manage Your Facility

If you have spaces that can be booked out in your facility such as courts, or studios use technology to manage them and allow your users to book them. Giving your members spaces to themselves will make them feel safer about coming to the studio. Also, make sure to use technology to allow users to book any classes that you offer at your facility. Again, this eliminates the need for face-to-face interaction and is easier for the user. 

Spotz is a software that allows users to book spaces online so that they can avoid any unnecessary face-to-face interaction. Using Spotz, users can simply search for a space within your facility and book it within a matter of minutes. To learn more about Spotz, contact us today.

2. Use Separate Entry/Exit Doors

To keep foot traffic moving in one direction, use a separate door for the entry and exit of your customers. Open up a side or back door for your customers to exit through, so they can avoid coming in close contact with other people. Taping arrows on the floor is a great way to show the desired direction of traffic. Hang signs on the doors as well, so people know the new protocols. 

3. Check Your Air Filtration System

Science has proven that viruses are airborne, and most commonly transmitted through breathing. Upgrading air filtration systems in busy places will be one of the best ways to combat viruses. Viruses also spread easier in humid places. Making sure your facility is at low humidity will be important as well. 

4. Clean Constantly

Make sure your employees are cleaning your facility all the time. Wiping down common touchpoints such as door handles, sinks, water fountains, lockers, and more will keep your whole facility clean, and give you and your customers peace of mind. 

Also, be sure to keep out wipes and disinfectant spray so that your customers can clean to their own standards as well. 

5. Keep Machines Distanced

This one may seem obvious but is still important to keep in mind. If your facility has treadmills that are close together, close every other one. If your customers are using mats on the ground, use tape to mark where mats should be placed so you can ensure they are distanced. Keeping these simple distancing guidelines in place will be another way to make your customers feel safe and protected.

6. Take Feedback

What do your customers think of the way you are handling your facility and the pandemic? What do old customers who no longer feel comfortable coming to your business think, and why aren’t they coming? These are important questions to know the answers to. Whether you are walking around and having conversations with customers in person, sending emails, or having customers fill out paper surveys, make sure you know how they are feeling about your Covid response. Make them feel valued, and implement their ideas if you feel necessary. 

Making customers feel valued is one of the most important things about owning a sports facility or gym. Your main goal is to create healthy lives for your community members, so make sure that is obvious all-around your business.