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Toolkit: How to Make Your Facility Work For You in 2022

Spotz January 10, 2022
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This is the year for your facility to make its mark on your community! 

Your facility can be known as a place that thrives and brings people together after a tumultuous couple of years. Are you ready?

As we sail into 2022, the hospitality and sporting events industries are facing many challenges: staffing shortages, mandates, and uncertainty about gathering indoors. But we believe these challenges present opportunities to be creative and do more with what's available.

The businesses and organizations that thrive will be the ones who think “outside the walls” of traditional space usage.

We created this toolkit containing three of our best, actionable resources to help your facility work FOR YOU this year:


1. Do More with Limited Staff

An automated reservations system can pick up the slack where you’re understaffed.

When you have the right facility reservations software, your customers can do a lot of the hard work themselves. They can search for availability, book their space, and even pay the rental fee. All online.

Imagine: no more calls asking if Court A is available every other Wednesday! No more sending spreadsheets back and forth. No more wondering if your newest hire got the details right.

Discover how to switch to an online booking system. 


2. Market Your Community Space (On a Budget!)

You’ve got the space. Now you need people to use it. You can help more people find and use your space–without spending a fortune on advertising.

Explore these easy-to-use tips for marketing your space on a budget:

  • How to make the most of social media marketing.
  • Creative ideas for marketing your space.
  • Filling your rental space so it doesn’t sit empty.
Get your guide on how to easily market your space. 


3. Reengage Your Community, Safely.

It’s safe to say the last two years have been tough on many people. But we’re itching to move forward. We think the rest of the world is, too.

Yet it seems like for every two steps forward, there’s another step backward. A new strain, a new mandate, a new reason to stay home.

Don’t let the uncertainty dissuade you from engaging your community.

Follow these helpful guidelines to recapture momentum and get your community more engaged in your space.


EVERYTHING Happens in a Space

Your facility can become THE place for your community to get together. To do business. To learn. To have fun. To create change. All your community needs is for you to make your space accessible and easily available.

Does your organization have space that isn’t being used to its fullest? Spotz can help! Contact us today to see how our tools can help you save time and boost community engagement.