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Batting Cages Heat Up in Winter Months

Jared Petrie January 4, 2018


While temperatures outside will remain below freezing for the next few months, athletes will need to move their exercise and practices indoors. For many indoor batting cage facilities, this is their peak season, with countless athletes training and honing their skills. Parks & Rec Business began the New Year by focusing on batting cages and the obstacles of operating those facilities.

The article, while mostly focused on outdoor batting cages, looks at how the customer experience can be a primary selling point at any facility. A major aspect to a batting cages success is having reliable equipment. A faulty machine or cage could not only reduce revenues, but also be an irritating inconvenience for customers. Limiting the amount of maintenance and problems at the batting cages is a necessary measure towards maximizing the entire facility.

A second key area in regards to the customer experience is value. Value can come in many forms, such as quality of the facility and baseball bats, professional batting lessons, and the cost to use the facility. A great first step to increase value is to allow customers to book their batting cage lesson or practice online.

Batting cage facilities are perfect for transitioning to online booking through Spotz. Facility owners and operators can place the Spotz widget directly on their facility webpage or they can post a link to their Spotz page on Facebook or Twitter to direct users to book their cage online. Users can simply pick their date, time, and batting cage, and be up to bat in no time!

In addition to saving facility owners hours of time by reducing the amount of inbound calls and emails, online booking can greatly enhance the customer’s experience and willingness to rent! Customers can rent from their computers, or on the go through their phones, giving them added flexibility to rent on their time. For most batting cages, renting online with GymDandy is a no brainer.