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Four Ways to Get More Facility Rentals This Spring

Spotz April 11, 2022
Four ways to get more facility rentals this spring | Spotz


Now that the warmer months are here, people are looking for places like yours to host their events. Imagine the bookings and revenue from all those spring and summer get-togethers like graduations, weddings, league games and reunions! 

Many businesses and organizations are ready to welcome customers and foot traffic back to their spaces. Here are some ways you can give your business a visibility boost to get more facility rentals.

1. Be flexible and creative – think outside your walls.


Add new space options.

Even though indoor dining is possible now, dining domes became a quick favorite for restaurants to add usable square (or round) footage. Now that things are heating up, consider your patio, parking lot, sidewalks, or other outdoor spaces you can make available.

→ Add a new type of space to rent in your online facility profile.

Divide your space into smaller spaces.

When COVID-19 shut down many public gathering places, a Connecticut park gave their community a safe, socially distanced way to enjoy the beach. They created sections on their beach and made it possible for the community to reserve those spaces.

→ Subdivide your rental spaces within your rental platform.

Allow online reservations in smaller increments.

Swimming became more popular than ever when gyms were closed. Aquatic centers allowed members to reserve a specific lane by the half-hour. Some charged a small fee, like $5 per thirty minutes.

→ Subdivide both your spaces and your rental schedule.


2. Boost your social media presence. 



Start or join a group relevant to the spaces you have available. For example, “Fans of [your park]” or “Event planners of [your city].”


Post quality photos of your space, especially of your unique amenities. Include captions and relevant hashtags. Make sure the link in your bio takes guests directly to your booking page.


Network with event planners or others who might rent or refer your spaces to their clients.

Check out our guide for more ideas for marketing your community space.

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3. Lean on technology. But keep a personal touch.


Limit unnecessary phone calls.

When you post your facility and individual spaces on an online platform, you can reduce the number of calls about your facility--and still get those reservations.


Be sure to list availability.

Describe amenities and any other pertinent details. Your guests will appreciate finding all their information in one place without having to make a call.


Reduce spreadsheet use.

Instead of filling out countless spreadsheets to create something a recurring practice or round-robin schedule, use your facility reservation management software. The best software systems will make it easy for you to see availability, request or deny reservations, and print reports that save your team time.


Corral customer communication.

You could search through thousands of emails for the latest update from your rental customer. Or you could keep all their communication within your reservation software. That way, you won’t miss important details and your whole team will be up to speed on their event and special requests.


Keep a personal touch.

For many people, your online reservation process is the first place they connect with you. Be personable in the way you communicate about your space. Choose a system that is easy for customers to navigate with as few clicks as possible.

Most, but not all customers will appreciate an automated approach. For those who prefer a phone call or an email, make it possible for them to get hold of you.


4. Seek new community connections. 

You'll improve the use of your space, increase revenue during off hours, and even expand your customer reach.

Is your organization space only used after school, but available the rest of the day? Connect with a group who needs space to meet in the mornings. 
  • Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS)
  • Homeschool groups
  • Senior citizen social clubs
If your business has a kitchen that isn’t used on the weekends, consider opening it to a non-profit who could use that space to make meals. 
  • Book clubs 
  • Meetups 
  • Yoga classes
  • Mentor groups
  • Dog obedience classes
  • Cosplay 
  • Quidditch tournaments
  • …etc. Get your staff together to brainstorm some other community groups that need space but don’t compete with your busiest times.
Need more ideas? Search associations, support groups, user groups, and Reddit groups for any sport or hobby you can imagine. They all meet somewhere. 


Remember: EVERYTHING happens in a space. 

Your facility can become THE place for your community to get together. To do business. To learn. To have fun. To create change. All your community needs is for you to make your space accessible and easily available.

Spotz can help!

Does your organization have space that isn’t being used to its fullest? Host your facility on Spotz so your community members can find your space. Use our network to find a group who needs space. Tag us on LinkedIn or Facebook and we’ll amplify your request to our network. 

Need a space to host your next meeting, book club or class? Search your city on and see what’s already available.

Don’t see your city yet? Forward our Spotz Community Guide to your Mayor’s office or city visitors’ bureau. It explains the many benefits of becoming a Spotz Community and shows them how to get started.