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Spotz – Fast to adopt and an amazing experience!

Jared Petrie July 3, 2020


A large Wisconsin parks department books over 60,000 hours a year using Spotz! Automation, accurate data reporting, and custom real-time communications with end-users allow them to keep their locations busy and community happy. 

Spotz partnership agreement with the City of Madison Parks Division to help make athletic and park and recreation space reservations easy and efficient. The Spotz platform provides Madison Parks with the ability to accept online athletic space reservations for a single date or multiple dates in one transaction. Users can search and filter available space to find the right place for their event, game, or practice. Space priority, group discounts, deposits, refunds, and field setup are all managed by the platform.

"With our previous reservation system, we faced several challenges with functionality, space management and customer engagement. Users had limited insight into their reservations and we were unable to provide them with accurate, timely updates. In addition, our internal processes were time-consuming and labor-intensive leaving our team to manually process paper submissions, review voice messages, etc. Not only did this affect our ability to communicate effectively with team members and customers but we also were unable to collect valuable data.

Our new system Spotz, was easy to adapt, fast to use, and offers features that not only automated our internal processes but empowered customers to manage and control their rental experience and communicate updates to their communities in real-time."

— Mark Crosby, Madison Parks Athletic Scheduler.


Madison Parks boasts the most athletic space of any city park agency in Wisconsin. Through Spotz they have over 90 fields, 50 net courts, 24 diamonds, and even one cricket pitch available to reserve online.

"With hundreds of athletic spaces and hundreds of thousands of park users each year, our new online reservation system provided by Spotz allows us to reach more park users and provides our park users a modern and effortless experience.

Additionally, the reservation tracking system enables staff to provide better care for our fields and vision for a future."”

— Mark Crosby, Madison Parks Athletic Scheduler.

Madison Parks' priority user groups have successfully reserved over 25,000 hours of play through the Spotz platform in the first month. Available inventory has now been released to the general public and anyone can start their rental by going to the field reservations page on the Madison Parks website.