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Spotz 101: What is Spotz?

Ashley Hansen March 16, 2021


Spotz is an online booking platform that helps organizations manage their spaces easily and efficiently.


Spotz makes facility reservation management better for everyone.

Hosts can increase facility revenue by posting all their rentable spaces on the Spotz platform. People in the community can find these spaces and rent them more easily. 

Host Organization: The host organization is the owner of a facility or group of properties. Hosts set dates, times, and prices for each space so users can search, book, and plan their events.

Facility: A facility is a group of spaces owned and managed by the host. This could be a single building or a park. A facility can have spaces that are both indoor and outdoor. For example, a high school is a facility and the gymnasium within the high school and the baseball diamonds on the property would be spaces within the high school facility.

Spaces: A space is a single reservable property that is part of a facility and managed by an organization. A space is part of the facility that a user can book, such as a baseball diamond, basketball court, studio, conference room, park shelter, etc.

Spotz is the best online reservation management platform for community organizations, municipalities, and businesses to list space, and for community members to find and book space! Tons of organizations and business owners don’t realize the potential they have to increase their revenue by listing their spaces on Spotz in their off-hours. We are working every day to be the most user-friendly and intuitive booking platform that there is for non-overnight stays. If you want to learn more about Spotz, schedule a demo today.