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Communities to Use Single Online Platform to Host Facilities for Rent

Spotz June 13, 2022
More Communities to Use Single Online Platform to Host Local Facilities for Rent |


Mayors, Chambers Expect More Equitable Access & Improved Community Engagement

Madison, WI.  From coast to coast, mid-size US communities are improving equitable access and use of their spaces by bringing the public rental and management experience to the cloud. Residents and tourists of these communities will gain instant access to view and rent any available space, such as public and private sports facilities, entertainment venues, parks, and open offices by using a single online platform, called Spotz. Businesses and municipalities will open new rental revenue streams while maintaining control over their spaces and attracting more visitors.

“Spotz is excited to launch in these communities for free to drive exposure and revenue to local businesses. We do this by helping businesses generate exposure to all the amazing spaces they offer to their community members and neighboring communities and tourists.” - James Jackson, Spotz CEO & Founder

Residents and tourists will use Spotz to discover which facilities are available for their specific needs – whether that’s a picnic shelter, executive boardroom, or dance studio – and rent them directly from the space manager. The Spotz facility scheduling software allows businesses, municipalities, and organizations with available spaces to list them in a searchable database. Interested parties can see the availability, request amenities, and pay for their booking with only a few clicks. It is free for anyone to sign up and get started as either a facility host or an end-user looking for a space to rent.

The first five communities to launch on Spotz are:

  • Douglas County (CO)

  • Hamilton County (IN)
  • Oklahoma City (OK)
  • Greater Madison Area (WI)
  • Greater Milwaukee Area (WI)

Starting June 1, 2022, residents and visitors to each of these communities will be able to search Spotz to find and rent the spaces they want. And businesses and organizations will be able to use Spotz to improve the rental experience for their customers.

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), Convention and Visitors Bureaus, and Economic Development Organizations in these communities are establishing partnerships with Spotz with the goal of amplifying and supporting their efforts to engage communities and their visitors.

To claim and begin accepting rentals for their facility listing on Spotz, business owners, community members, and city officials can visit Residents and visitors to these communities can search Spotz for any type of space to rent and connect directly with the manager of that space at