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Open Your Business With Confidence

Jared Petrie May 13, 2020


Easily set, adjust, and manage your user capacity, rules, and regulations for all of your rental facilities.

As we discover ways to safely reopen our businesses from the COVID-19 outbreak, being able to manage your user headcount and know who, when, and how many people are at your facilities will be more important than ever before. With Spotz, you can easily set, adjust, and manage your user capacity limit, rules, and regulations so current and future renters can help practice safe gathering measures.

Providing the necessary tools that allow organizations and management teams to accurately set and control their user flow is an important feature in general. Encouraging your users to reserve space and account for attendance, even on free space, will help people make informed decisions on where they can best enjoy outdoor space while also properly socially distancing. Now is the perfect time to get get your team and community using Spotz to help use spaces where we all gather for our events so we can help each be safe and smart.

Open your business with confidence.

As a subscription-based software company that helps organizations like park departments, schools, sports facilities, and others manage and rent their community spaces, we know the impact this pandemic has had on everyone. To learn more, schedule your free demo today.

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