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Spotz Light: Episode 001 “Why Spotz is Different”

Ashley Hansen May 13, 2020


In episode 01, our hosts Ashley and Jared interview the CEO of Spotz, James Jackson, to discover the community-first approach Spotz embraces to help separate itself from its competition.

In this episode, we focus on the Parks & Rec industry and explore the many features and benefits that both management and support teams can use to make their spotz more readily available for the communities they serve while saving time. We also uncover how easy it is for community members to search and reserve spotz for their upcoming events.

Episode length: 41:26

  • 00:47 – What is Spotz?

  • 03:00 – What does Spotz offer for the users and their communities?

  • 08:40 – What does Spotz mean for organizations and support teams?

  • 24:46 – User examples

  • 38:17 – What is next?

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